What sets us apart from other Web Design and Hosting Companies?

It's simple. We are BUSINESS driven, not technology driven.

Our founder has been a Bricks and Mortor business owner and manager for over 30 years. We recognize that almost every business website should have a Marketing purpose.

Nonprofit Organizations:
Our CEO has served on the boards of over a dozen nonprofit organizations. From Economic Development Agencies to Tourism, to Health Care and Education, we have participated in many of the same good works that YOU are involved in. We can help you get noticed in your market area.

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Who We Are, and Why We're Here

Our parent company, OUISoft Web Services, has been doing business on the Internet since the Internet has been used for commercial purposes. We are  a software development and marketing company. We have grown over the years and currently operate thirteen commercial websites for our various divisions. Along the way, it became economically advantagious for us to host our own web sites.

Once we began doing our own hosting, companies with whom we were doing business started asking us about who we used for hosting and web design, and, having additional server space available, we began taking on design and hosting clients.

Since starting our web development and hosting business, we have designed websites for multi-million dollar companies, small businesses and local and International nonprofit organizations.

Our passion is helping small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations get online with a professional presentation that will help them meet the goals and objectives of their marketing plan. And we pride ourselves in doing it ON TIME, and ON BUDGET!

Please click on "Our Services" to learn more about what we do, and how we might be a little different that our competition.



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