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Step Four: Your Hosting Choices:

From the cheapest to the most expensive, you can choose from three web hosting solutions. This isn't as difficult as it sounds, since about 95% of all small business web sites can use the least expensive option.

  • Shared Server Hosting
    • Your site is hosted on a powerful web server, along with other web sites
    • The server level maintenance is handled by the host provider
    • You can maintain your own site, using a control panel administration system and web editing software we can supply, or have MainStreetWebs or someone else do it for you.
    • You can add Email addresses ( up to the limit set by your hosting plan
    • You can view site statistics about your visitors, and what they view on your site
    • Additional features, depending on the plan you select.


  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
    • Your site is hosted on a powerful web server, along with other web sites
    • You have server level access to the server operating system and server software, because each account runs on its own instance of the software. You can make changes to the way the server performs by changing server settings
    • This is best left to the advanced client, or those with an experienced IT staff


  • Dedicated Server Hosting
    • Your site is on a server that only hosts your site or sites. You are totally responsible for managing your server
    • This is usually only needed for major sites, with high volume traffic and extensive database features.

    Almost all our clients are served by Shared Server Hosting. While we are happy to quote, on the other types, we have several Shared hosting plans available for most companies.

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