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Manageing your Website after it's Launched

After your website is launched, your attention turns to periodic updates and enhancements. In theory, you can learn Hypertext Text Markup Language (HTML) the code that makes your web pages what they are. You could write your HTML files using NotePad, then use the file management feature of your administrative control panel to upload the revised files (pages) to the server.

Do It Yourself -

In practice, even most professional web designers today use a "what-you-see-is- what-you-get" web editor to write and revise web pages. We use, recommend (and by the way, sell), Namo Web Editor.  With Namo, you can add pages to your website, or revise existing pages, test them in popular web browser software, and then upload them to the web server.

Totally Managed Web Hosting -

Some of our clients would rather not bother.  For them, we've developed a service called Totally Managed Web Hosting (TMWH).

With TMWH, you can revise the content of your site by contacting us by email or phone. Want to change a photo on the site's home page? email us the graphic file, or even put it in an envelope and mail it to us. We'll get it done, usually in the same business say it was requested. With TMWH it couldn't be simpler. And we charge only a nominal annual subscription fee of $98.00, plus a rate of $80/hour for the work you order.

TMWH is available only for sites hosted by us, and is in addition to the cost of the hosting plan selected.

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