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Our Services

 We can design and host any type of web site.  But our specialty for small to medium sized businesses is the "K.I.S.S Website (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Why K.I.S.S.? Well, because it's simple it will look good on any browser, at all modern screen resolutions, it's fast loading, so users won't click away, and it's the cheapest to design.

We handle the whole job of web design and hosting, from start to finish, or only those things you want us to do.

  • Domain Name Registration  -  Get a name for your site (
  • Consultation - we'll talk to you and listen, too. We'll help you determine what you want your site to do for your business.
  • Site Design
  • Site Hosting
  • Continuing Site Updates and Maintenance (or you can elect to maintain your own site after it's built. The K.I.S.S. design, and some easy to use software we can supply makes it easy for you to update your site as needed. Or as an alternative, we offer our
    Totally Managed Web Hosting service.


We host all our accounts on the strongest servers available like the Dual AMD Opterons 265 (dual core), 4 GB DDR2 RAM, and RAID-10 storage for best performance and reliability. All of our servers are equipped with fault tolerant RAID storage and hot-swappable hard drives. This means that in the event of a hard disk failure you should experience no system downtime or loss of data.

Our network connections are among the fastest in the world, based on high-speed clear-channel architecture with redundant connections to multiple Tier-1 backbone providers.

All servers are located at datacenters that are fully monitered and staffed 24 hours per day with multiple redundant connections to the Intenet backbones. Our networks utilize the most current technologies available to provide fast and efficient data transport.


SERVER AVAILABILITY: has a history of 99.98% uptime on all of our servers and sites that we host.  We assure you that every effort is made to ensure that your web site will seldom experience downtime and in the event that it does we will have it back online just as soon as possible. We understand that your website can be the lifeline to your business as it is for ours.

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